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Ultrasound Technologist


Ultrasound Technologist

Ultrasound Technologist Career Information

[sticky post]A Detailed Report on Ultrasound Technician
Ultrasound Technologist
ultrasound-technologistUltrasound is a sound pressure which is cyclic in manner. I found out as human has a limit in hearing and the frequency of the ultrasound is greater than its upper limit. So it can be clearly seen that it is within the limit of human audible sound but the main difference of this sound with the audible sound is that human can not be able to hear it. The limit of this sound is different for different human being. But 20 kilo hertz is the most common frequency for young and adults. Recently I found out many people are accepting ultrasound technician as a carrier option. And because this ultrasound technician salary is a handsome one so there is a craze for ultrasound technician carrier now a day and has attracted my attention.


The middle ear of human is processed as a low –pass filter. And due to this activity of the middle ear the limitations of human hearing ability occurs. Sometimes I have seen it can be shown that the children has the higher quality of hearing high pitch sound where an adults can not able to hear that. Because of the fact of reducing hearing ability of human due to increase in the age. There is many animal in the world such as bats, mice, dogs, dolphins and cats have a greater frequency limit than human. This is the main cause that only a dog can be able to hear another dog’s whistle.

The main jobs of ultrasound technician are-
  1.  To determine the pregnancy date
  2.  To determine the foetus’s sex but it is only possible when the foetus become 12 weeks
  3.  To confirm the viability of foetus
  4.  To check the heartbeat and movement of the foetus
  5.  The foetus location can also be determined
  6.  Foetus growth can be determined
  7.  Physical abnormalities of the foetus can be checked but it is happened only in case of the major one.
But sometimes, as I have come to know, specialist gets wrong results due to some misconception of Ultrasound Technologist. These wrong conceptions cause the discomfort of the patient. Ultrasound can also be used to kill bacteria. Sometimes it is also used to measure the thickness of an element. This process is used for industrial technique. I know most of the metal can be inspected by this ultrasound process.

Effect of Present Ultrasound Technician Career:


I have seen many people were not willing to accept this as their carrier because ultrasound technician salary was not very good. But in due to the increasing trend of this technology govt now are well aware about this and giving a handsome ultrasound technician salary.

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